NextM2M Data SIM


NextM2M SIM features

With NextM2M Online Management Platform you can access your SIM card portfolio from everywhere. The management platform offers a wide array of features designed to make it easier for you to handle your SIMs.


  • You can access from anywhere
  • You can activate/deactivate SIM cards
  • Send SMS to SIM card
  • Add attributes (custom fields) to each SIM for grouping and managing your SIM portfolio.
  • Add search filtering when browsing portfolio and viewing cards by attributes.
  • Assign Static IP address or Dynamic IP address.
  • Get custom reporting allowing you to export XML tables from the platform.
  • Order more SIM cards directly from the system
  • You can browse each SIMs advanced HLR information like IMEI, Country information, Cell-ID, etc.


How it works

  1. Select your geographic region
  2. Select your amount of data usage
  3. Select your SIM card size
  4. Activate your SIM cards after receiving them


Total price for the M2M Data SIM

5€ / SIM
2MB – 0,75€ / Month
5MB – 1,50€ / Month
10MB – 2,50€ / Month

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Additional Information

Roaming Options

Global Roaming, Nordic Contries, EU, South America, North America, Customized Roaming

Data Bundle

2MB, 5MB, 10MB

SIM Card Size

Standard, Micro, Nano

Prepaid Bundles

12MB / valid for one year, 24MB/ valid for one year, 48MB / valid for one year, 96MB/ valid for one year, 144MB / valid for one year, 192MB/ valid for one year, 240MB / valid for one year