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The future of insurance is here!

It doesn’t make sense to pay for something you aren’t using. Like water consumption, electricity, and mobile data, drivers should only pay for car insurance based on how much and how they are driving.



Flexible, adaptable
and easy

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Use Based Insurance


To help auto insurers revolutionize the way car insurance is priced, NextM2M offers the industry a usage based insurance solution that includes driver behavior scoring. As an insurer, you want to increase market share, attract new policyholders, retain the best customers, and drive down the loss ratios. UBI is designed to make you reach exactly these objectives.



Use Based Insurance (UBI) is also typically referred to as Pay How You Drive (PHYD) or Pay As You Drive (PAYD) insurance. In common is, that the driver only pays for the kilometers they are driving and how they drive.


We provide insurance companies with a cloud based technology using driving data for optimal pricing and tools for customer dialogue, thereby maximizing the opportunity for lower loss ratios and higher profits. Really, this is an advantage for both the customer and the insurance company. The driver tends to be more aware of the driving style and tends to drive less kilometers than before. Please contact us for a solution for your telematics insurance solution.



For you as an insurer, there are huge advantages entering the UBI business


– Personalized app branding

– Intuitive and adaptable scoring model

– Frequent and engaging customer dialogue and feedback

– Robust and tested solution already running on more than 5.000 vehicles

– Customizable solution to fit your needs

– Opportunities for x-selling to existing customers and attracting new customers

– 24/7 support


A NextM2M UBI solution lets you reap the benefits of telematics in the car insurance market.


All information about the driving can be accessed by the driver on the web or in an app. This also opens up the possibility to interact frequently with the driver, giving good advice on the driving style, the score that works as the basis for calculating the monthly insurance fee, a gamification element etc.


Other great smartphone app features are


– Car Location (find your car easily via your smartphone app)

– Driving Speed

– Driving Time

– Driving Behavior (a score is calculated on the driving style)

– Distance Travelled

– Statistics (showing past driving)

– Parking Meter (remembers when your parking ticket runs out)

– Emergency Contact


How it Works

A GPS tracking device is easily installed in the vehicles OBD connector. Most times this can be done by the driver without having to visit a car mechanic. All vehicles produced after 1986 are equipped with an OBD connector. Data is only extracted from the vehicle; no data is loaded into the vehicles computer.


Security is key

All data collected is heavily encrypted and stored on a cloud infrastructure. The backend system and platform is hosted by NextM2M  in a data center or installed on own infrastructure if wanted. No personal information is stored anywhere; confidentiality is off course our highest priority.


For a more detailed description and discussion about our solution, please contact us.