Pricing & Networks

NextM2M offers a market leading versatility in choice of M2M network and services as well as a choice of price structures suiting your needs.

The price of connectivity consist of many and often complicated variables: country zones, local or regional coverage, cross border roaming, rounding, pay as you go, bundles, etc.

We suggest you analyze your data in order to get a clear picture of where and how your usage is originated and choose price structure as needed.

At NextM2M we are happy to assist you in finding the best solution. We are open and transparent in matters of pricing and can give you competent and objective advice.


Network lists and country coverage status

We have global coverage and in most countries coverage from two or more networks. Please just send us an e-mail with your required network or areas and we will design your roaming list.


The NextM2M Management Platform is a state-of-the-art solution for handling advanced M2M connectivity providing full flexibility for all your global connectivity services. The NextM2M Management Platform delivers global managed connectivity with one stop access to more than 650+ networks in 200 countries.