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MachineLink 4G

The MachineLink 4G is a powerful and feature rich 4G IoT Router ideal for business continuity solutions and global IoT applications requiring fast internet speeds. What it does The MachineLink 4G is an intelligent, yet user friendly 4G IoT device ideal for highly complex IoT and Industrial IoT applications.

Featuring high speed WiFi, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB port, built-in GPS and extensive support for various communications protocols, the MachineLink 4G is the all-in-one wireless IoT solution. The device features a powerful edge processor running a Linux based OS and offers excellent development opportunities for custom applications using the Software Development Kit (SDK).

MachineLink 3G Plus

The MachineLink 3G Plus is a powerful 3G M2M router featuring multiple interface options for simple connectivity to challenging M2M applications in 2G and 3G coverage areas globally.

What it does The MachineLink 3G Plus is a flexible 3G M2M device for demanding installations that require large selection of interface options and features including: a serial and USB port; built-in GPS location capabilities; Ethernet port; multipurpose I/O ports and support for a large number of communication protocols. The compact MachineLink 3G Plus is an open source Linux OS for flexible customisation.

MachineLink 3G

The MachineLink 3G is a compact HSPA+ router for M2M applications that provides optimised IP data network access anywhere there’s 2G or 3G network coverage.

What it does MachineLink 3G features built-in Ethernet for plug-and-play IP connectivity and high-performance internal antennae in a compact and stylish casing, with an optional external antenna connector. Freed from the constraints of a fixed landline connection and designed to work anywhere in the world, the MachineLink 3G’s wide operating temperature range, flexible power-up options and built-in mounting versatility make it perfect for virtually any M2M application.

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