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The Internet of Things (IoT) landscape is complex, with lots of different suppliers providing various solutions. NextM2M makes it simpler by bringing together the right solution for your business and you only have to manage one supplier.

NextM2M already supports a wide range of end to end solutions together with our partners.

We would be happy to support your business as well.

Our one of-a-kind management platform matches the flexibility  and is perfect for managing all of your M2M functions.


  • Fast, easy and flexible provisioning

    NextM2M Management Plat- form simplifies the process of SIM provisioning even in bulk numbers and reduces the costs by enabling you to activate, suspend, or terminate the SIMs as required. It lets you to meet your deployment sched- ules without usage charges while the SIM cards are in stock or distribution.

  • A unique billing system putting you in charge

    NextM2M Management Platform is equipped with an outstanding billing system allow- ing you to control all aspects of usage and enabling next level billing. Billing end-users and controlling costs couldn’t be easier or more flexible, offering both pay-as-you-go and bundlesTo simplify service and device deployment, NextM2M offers several different alternatives to trigger billing. Connectivity billing can be set to start upon “first time used”, after a certain period of time, or it can be triggered after a certain usage level has been reached.

  • Global support 24/7

    NextM2M delivers worldclass customer support. The combination of alerts and end-to-end transparency simplifies and enhances the identification, analysis and resolution of services issues. You are able to “ping” your devices to ensure connectivity or get a real-time report from the HLR of the exact status of your SIM, when last seen, and in which network and country it is connected. A sophisticated online tech support with self service function can resolve issues fast, reliably and 24/7 worldwide.

  • Transparent reporting

    Usage reports can be generated down to each SIM or on your entire account giving you high levels of transparency. Reports show the complete range of detail from a total audit of all connections down to a single SIM and its usage. Your data can be exported as CSV files and imported into Excel for further analysis or charting.

  • Full integration with your applications

    One of the major advantages of NextM2M Management Platform is the ability to embed its powerful provisioning, control, billing and reporting functionality into your own applicationsThe NextM2M open API’s enables this functionality to be integrated with your applications quickly and easily. As an option NextM2M delivers Fixed IP addressing on the SIM. It will have a static private IP address enabling server initiated communication.

  • Complete control of activity, usage and costs

    The Control Center of the NextM2M Management Plat- form is the key to advanced connectivity administration and can handle SIMs from many different operators at the same time. It is totally web-based and accessible from your browser anywhere. It delivers total transparency and administration tools tailored to your needs. The NextM2M Control Center is saving time and money by providing high level  of SIM settings control.