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Vodafone brings together unrivalled capabilities – the world’s largest mobile network, an outstanding customer experience and a long track record of success – which means our customers are confidently connected, receive unmatched services and customer experience and benefit from proven expertise.


The Materna group is among the leading independent service providers in Europe’s information and communication technology sector. Materna provides innovative solutions, products and services that are employed in business and public administration as comprehensive solutions or as solution modules.


NeoConsult is a software consultancy company servicing larger companies as well as SME’s in Europe with cutting edge development and architectural design competence.NeoConsult’s customers span network owners, service providers, M2M operators and specialized companies within number portabillity.


Cetecom’s portfolio includes consulting and training, development of test solutions, validation services, testing in accredited laboratories (LTE, WCDMA, GSM, Application Enabler, OTA Performance, and EMC), field trials, certification, and approval handling.


Kvanto is a Payment Service Provider (PSP/ISO). We hold a PCI/DSS approval since 2007.

We aim at optimizing our clients’ payment solutions using the best gateway technologies, world class acquires along with our in-depth payment knowledge and professional services.

Every payment solution delivers market requested approvals and fraud detection. It might be embedded into existing customer applications, ensuring the best, most safe and reliable transactions. Kvanto solutions come with a filtering reporting system to optimize and followed all transactions. Kvanto can integrate to many ERP/CRM solutions.

Jersey Telecom

JT M2M is the Machine to Machine division of JT (Jersey Telecom). We are a full service mobile and fixed network provider. 117 years old, we deliver business critical services to the UK’s major financial institutions, European banks and dozens of international law, trust and fund management firms.