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Are you our next partner?

At NextM2M we believe in open and transparent partnerships with our customers, whole sellers, retailers, developers, etc.

Our global connectivity and the unique NextM2M Management Platform are perfect tools for efficient win-win solutions.


Are you a direct customer and user, we offer you better monitoring and control of your connectivity enabling you to turn SIM cards on and off, monitor usage, etc., and we will find the best price structure and features based on your needs.


Are you a whole seller or reseller to end-users our advanced NextM2M Management Platform enables you to administer unlimited number of accounts within the same system, integrate billing of individual customers separately and create individual domains for each of your customers or resellers.


If you are or intend to become an MVNO and need a management and billing platform then you can lease the NextM2M Management Platform and integrated billing system thus gaining access to all the advanced features such as advanced billing, next level billing and more.

Download the NextM2M
Management Platform leaflet

The NextM2M platform is unique in the way that we have an integrated invoicing module, which can be scaled to different levels and gives you global connectivity and the unique NextM2M SIM Management Platform. Perfect tools for efficient win-win M2M solutions.


Become a partner

Are you a direct customer, whole seller, reseller, MVNO, software house, system integrator, application provider, manufacturer or distributor of hardware or otherwise involved in M2M you might benefit from becoming a NextM2M partner.


We provide the tools for creating new and innovative M2M applications. With the NextM2M Management Platform you are in complete control and our developer partner network gives you access to a variety of competencies worldwide for creating end-to-end solutions.

Partners lists

NextM2M is collaborating with a number of partners in providing the opportunity for end-to-end solutions. As a NextM2M partner this network of competencies and opportunities is available to you on an open source basis.