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Mobile Network Management Platform

NextM2M is a Mobile Network Operator providing global M2M SIM connectivity and managed network services. Part of our M2M solution is our state-of-the-art Management Platform that enables businesses to connect devices globally, control services, manage deployments, and increase efficacy and revenue.

Global managed connectivity

The NextM2M Management Platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world and delivers global managed connectivity with one-stop access to more than 650+ networks in 200 countries. NextM2M Management Platform is an all-in-one solution for all business.

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The NextM2M Management Platform

Life Cycle adaptability

NextM2M connectivity is flexible and scalable to suit any stage of your service life cycle from initiation to maturity. Once your SIMs are in production, you can change their billing profiles or suspend them and turn them back on again.

Furthermore, you have a completely flexible subscription fitting your requirements.

Your application

You can develop your application in a low volume using the fully scalable Management Platform including SIM featuring:

You can provision the SIM to “Test Mode” to ensure the quality of your service before going to market.

Once ready for the start of service, you change the SIM profile to “Active”, which starts the billing. You can preset time and date for activation in advance and tag each SIM for easy identification even in large portfolios.

The best IoT Cloud Platform and easy billing

You will get one invoice for all your SIMs, get a single point of contact for your support calls and a dedicated partner understanding your needs. Being in control gives a stable business and gives you peace of mind well knowing that your global network is working optimally. Make your work life easy, sign up with NextM2M and get the best IoT Cloud Platform.

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