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Cooperation leads to better solutions for M2M/IoT customers


A partnership between two global players in the M2M business heralds better solutions and improved customer satisfaction.


Materna Information & Communications and NextM2M A/S –have initiated a partnership in order to develop better solutions for vertical M2M markets.


The partnership is based on a shared vision of the growing potential of delivering M2M solutions in local as well as regional and global markets. Recent development in mobile and M2M technology has lead to the creation of a more stabilized and accessible market for M2M solutions.


– The key to unlocking this potential is the ability to deliver complete, scalable and customizable solutions to the end-users, Vice President, Communication Solutions, Business Line CommunicationsMarcus Götting, Materna states. These solutions have to be efficient, economical and reliable. The goal of the Materna/NextM2M partnership is to establish a common ground for developing, improving and bringing to market such solutions both for existing vertical markets as well as for new markets globally.


The collaboration is based on Materna’s extensive knowhow and competences within software and system integration combined with NextM2M’s redundant, global connectivity reach, innovative connectivity platform and advanced billing solutions.
Materna and NextM2M have collaborated on specific projects, which have led to the belief that a closer and more extensive partnership would be desirable for both parties.


– The partnership with NextM2M provides Materna with a one stop provisioning and connectivity to 650 networks in more than 200 countries, says Henrik Hansen, CEO, NextM2M. Now, Materna can offer comprehensive solutions and products faster and easier to any location worldwide without the hassle of dealing with several local operators. Once developed, a solution can be marketed and implemented anywhere at any time without technical alterations.