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We are just at the edge of the tornado. We will

experience a development where M2M becomes

the “Internet of Things” with no limits to where

and how the technology might be exploited.


SIM Connectivity

With NextM2M you gain easy access to more than 650 networks spread across 200 countries. This helps you provide user-friendly experiences through outstanding connectivity reliability. SIM M2M connectivity addresses the challenges of managing multiple carriers that do not share pricing rules or agreement terms. You also get a customised price plan based on geography, global connectivity, cross border functionality and much more. Using cloud-based VPN, you are able to handle many operators’ SIM cards utilising the same platform and your own IP/SEC VPN.

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SIM Management

Your road to market leading functionality and practical tools run directly through the unique NextM2M Management Platform. Add value and flexibility to your M2M solutions by means of integrated versatile billing options. It is your call whether to go for single or bulk implementations of your M2M solution.

Utilising NextM2M’s comprehensive SIM management tools you are able to increase performance and reduce costs by eliminating data inconsistencies and operational inefficiencies.

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Get answers to your questions about the use of NextM2M connectivity services. Visit our comprehensive FAQ page, which comprises a wide range of the most commonly asked questions about M2M connectivity, SIM management platforms, etc.


If you still have not found an answer to your specific conundrum, please feel free to contact us for further support.

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Want to Improve Business

NextM2M, the global supplier of M2M connectivity, and their strong partners, provider of international telecommunications services, continuously expand their existing cooperation by further integrations, solutions and services.



With an ever-increasing number of companies with a global presence, the need to securely communicate and stay connected likewise grows in importance. Get global connectivity including local and regional coverage, global roaming and a diverse set of price plans all aimed at suiting your every need.
With NextM2M it is no longer a problem providing optimum service for your customers.

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Connectivity is chief among the new tendencies in integrating and creating new ways for transmitting data. Choose the exact kind of M2M network connectivity you desire. NextM2M’s customisable connectivity solutions and 400+ networks provide you with a guaranteed redundancy and security matching your and your customers’ needs.

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Choose the exact set-up that suits your every requirement when it comes to M2M SIM solutions.

You get flexible solutions aimed at matching your every demand when it comes to bundling, pay as you go-schemes, with or without fixed IP, etc.
M2M solutions made to match your needs.

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Merge the best of two worlds to get a practical, cost efficient and extremely secure solution for your own company as well as your business partners and customers. Cloud-based VPN enables you to call any device when needed and that you do not need to have an open connection or connecting at fixed intervals to utilise your device. Cloud-based VPN provides a secure and uncomplicated way to access resources from any device.

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